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Henderson County Shotgun Sports Annual Whiz Bang, March 25, 2024

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2024 Texas 4-H HCSS State Shotgun Team

Wewould bedelighted to have you shoot with us. Our club competes in American Skeet, American Trap, a version of 5-Stand called "Whiz Bang" and Sporting Clays. The clubprovides memberswith two rounds of shooting and two boxes of shells for each practice. Shooters must bring their own shotgun. We provide 12 gauge and 20 gauge ammunition for practice.

Safety is our foremost concern. Before you practice with our club, all shooters must participate in a safety orientation. Each practicebegins with a short safety lesson, which will include the correct way to handle a shotgun, as well as, gun safety and shooting etiquette. All shooters are required to wear safety glasses and ear protection. Members shooting at club meetingswill always have an trained 4-H Shotgun Coach present. Each shooter will be required to follow all safety rules & sign a safety agreement form prior to shooting with the club.

We are fortunate to hold our club meetings at Rose City Flying Clays inTyler, TX.and Buffalo Creek Trap Club in Ben Wheeler, TX. Both of these facilities have been great supporters of our club. Please take the time to let both facilities know how much we appreciate their support.

Our club is self supported through fundraisers. If you shoot with us, you will be expected to help with fundraisers throughout the year. We hold one or two shooting events each year to help fund our club expenses.

We encourage all of our shooters to compete in Whiz Bang Qualifier competitions throughout the state. These competitions are good preparation for the 4-H State Shooting Sports Games held in July of each year at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio. Our club will host the Henderson County Whiz Bang Shoot in March of each year. Our club members have had some great times going to events like these in the past and we encourage you to shoot at as many of these events as you can.

We practice twice a month from January until August and once a month from September to December. We encourage each shooter to practice weekly. During these practices the shooter will see improvements in his or her overall performance.

Please note: 60% of the shooters that qualify for the National Junior Olympics Team come from the state of Texas. If you have aspirations to be an Olympic Shooter, our club is the first step towards your goal. Did you know that Texas 4-H Shooting Sports is the premier 4-H Shooting Sports program in the country? Also, 4-H Shooting Sports is the largest youth Shooting Program in the world!

Because we are a club, instead of a project, we offer our members leadership and community service opportunities. As a member of the Texas 4-H Shooting Sports, you will have an opportunity to apply and attend the Texas 4-H ShotgunCamp, as well as: apply for the Texas State Team and State 4-H Ambassadors. If you have an interest in these opportunities, please let us know.
If you need information, please contact:

If you need moreinformation, please contact one ofour club managers:

Misty Adair at (903)539-7473 mistyadair33@gmail.com

Shannon Silvey at (903) 724-0375 shannon@hendersoncountyshotgun.org

We are excited that you are a part of our club and look forward to seeing you shoot with us!

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